Hótel Geysir | ACTIVITIES


Reykjadalur hot spring is around 50 minute drive from Geysir and can very easily be done without a guide.

Reykjadalur is the name of a geothermal area in South Iceland, close to the town of Hveragerði. Abundance of geothermal heat and bubbling geysers are Reykjadalur’s main characteristics. It is one of the most popular outdoor areas of the surrounding Ölfuss region. 

The main attraction of Reykjadalur is without a doubt the steaming hot river that flows through the valley. The river is an ideal place for bathing and has become a popular destination for travellers, both Icelanders and foreigners. 

A few years ago wooden pathways were built along the bank of the river and some stairs to make it easier to enter the hot river. 

It’s not possible to drive all the way to the hot river. You have to park your car at a parking lot and then walk for a little less than an hour to the actual hot river. The hike is just great. It’s scenic and full of vivid colours. 

You’ll see a ton of hot springs (way hotter than the one you’ll bathe in) and a beautiful waterfall called Djúpagilsfoss. If you are hiking in the summertime, you’ll probably meet some sheep along the way.  You need to follow the path while you’re hiking, the hot springs along the way are boiling hot.

If you walk briskly, the hike shouldn’t take longer than 45 minutes. It’s not very steep so it should be suitable for children and inexperienced hikers.  After you’ve hiked for about 45 minutes, you’ll cross a small wooden bridge. As soon as you’ve crossed the bridge you’ll see the hot river. The farther along the river you go, the hotter it gets. There are no showers or changing rooms in the area.