Hótel Geysir | ACTIVITIES


Just ten kilometers from the hotel you’ll find the most photographed waterfall in Iceland, Gullfoss.

A bare factual description of the „golden waterfall“ should include that it falls 32 meters in two stages, with water coming from the glacial river Hvitá, which has its source underneath the glacier Langjökull, and flows after 133 kilometers into the Atlantic.

The personal description of the visitors will surely sound different. The most frequently used adjectives used are probably „magnificent“ and „enormous“, and these generally in the same breathe. „Wow“ would also suffice. Whoever sees Gullfoss with their own eyes, and the masses of water crashing with impressive violence into a deep dark crevasse, producing a loud nearly horrific roar, and at the same time a beautiful rainbow created by the sun painting on spraying water, this person will know that beauty and violence are not necessarily always to be separated.

That is the power of nature in her most spectacular form.