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Hotel Geysir is family-run hotel on doorstop of the geothermal area in the historic Haukadalur valley and it opened 1st August 2019. The new building connects the existing services in the area and is designed with the aim to reflect nature through the choice of materials blending into the nearest surroundings. Hotel Geysir has 77 rooms and thereof 6 suites.

Hotel Geysir is the newest addition to our family-run hotel on the doorstep of the geothermal area of Geysir and Strokkur in the historic Haukadalur Valley. One of the greatest natural attractions of Iceland is the great Geysir, which the hotel is named after, and it is an indescribable spectacle. Nearby is another famous geyser, Strokkur – watch as it spurts water 30 meters into the air every few minutes. As well as geysers, there are hot springs including the stunning turquoise-coloured Belsi in the area.

The hotel was designed to harmoniously blend the building with the surrounding environment through the use of materials that reflect the surroundings and the architectural design of the building. The hotel’s rooms and suites are bright and light and all have views of the stunning scenery. Opt for a room with a large window where you can sit in and watch the world go by or choose one with large opening windows and a balcony. 
There are large windows throughout the hotel so you can admire the landscape including the magnificent Geysir and hot spring area while passing through. The dining rooms are on the first and second floor and can open up into the hotel’s garden. For a special occasion, we recommend private dining as you will have access to the rooftop terrace which has an incredible 360-degree panorama of the surroundings and a herb garden.

The area is famous for the geothermal hot springs and geysers which the hotel is in perfect close proximity to and can be seen in awe during the day and night. If you are lucky enough, at night you will witness the bubbling hot springs contrasting with the Northern Lights (September to March). There’s more than just the geothermal activities in the area – discover the surroundings with a tour on ATVs, horseback or on foot.
We want you to enjoy our high level of service, comfort and hospitality during your stay. Our team of professionals are here to look after your
every need, so please relax and allow yourself to be indulged. There are many amenities for you to enjoy whilst staying with us and with this in mind we
have compiled this guest directory of services and facilities.

How to get to Geysir? 
If you choose to start driving south, you will be driving on the ring road until you arrive to road 35 on your left. That’s 55km (31miles) from Reykjavik and it takes you around 45 minutes before you have to turn left. Geysir is on route 35. Route 35 is one of the interior roads of Iceland. The road is divided into two main sections. The first part is called Biskupstungnabraut.

You can also drive through Thingvellir the National Park, Lyngdalsheidi, it is about an hour drive to Geysir from Mosfellsbæ. Find your way to the town of Laugarvatn. From there, follow route 37 which turns into route 35 and leads to Geysir. Don’t worry, there will be road signs.

GPS: 64°18,603´N, 20°18,024´W

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