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Haukadalur hiking

It  is the largest national forest in south Iceland and is great for hiking in a beautiful environment with marked hiking paths that are especially designed for wheelchairs. To get to the forest drive up Biskupstungnabraut to Geysir, past the hotel and turn left up to the east. 

Facilities and entertainment

Good facilities for outdoor activities in a beautiful environment. In Haukadalur forest there are marked paths and the wood is specially designed for wheelchair lane. In addition there are number of marked hiking paths and roads that people can hike at. The track is only intended for people and cars are not allowed. 

Haukadalur Church 

Church has been in Haukadalur from ancient times. The earliest references to the church are from the year 1121. The church was a farmers church from the year 1290 but it is likely that the place was under Skálholt chair until the late 18th century. Haukadalur was sold at auction at Vatnsleysa 1st of October at the year 1794. The church remained in ownship of farmers until 1940 when the Forestry Agency bought it along the landholding. The church was last rebuilt by Kristian Kirk, owner of the earth in 1938, but the variety and appearance is from 1842 and therefore oldest wooden churches in the country.

Historic sites 

Haukadalur is a historic place. Þorbrandur Þorbjarnarson and Ásbrandur his son settled at Haukadalur. Hallur Þórarinnson built a house at Haukadal at the year 1025. Ari Þorgilsson “The Wise”, grew up with him and also the forefather of Haukadalur Teitur Ísleifsson. The first pastoral school was at the days of Teitur Ísleifsson. Hallur Teitsson was priest at Haukadalur at the year 1110 and took over his father’s heritage. 

A large number of streams originating in Haukadalur forest. All rivers end in Tungafljot and the water stream forms many wetlands all of which are covered with willows and birch core, but it has been planted in drier areas in between.

Birdlife is Haukadalur woods is various, from traditional mo- and forest birds to the new arrivals. Various species of ducks stay on rivers and streams throughout the year. Foxes, mink and mice are in the forest and trout in the warmer river.