Geysir Resturant | Hot spring taste

Hot spring taste

Geothermal taste, taste of the Great Geysir.

As you arrive at Hotel Geysir, the  chef  of our restaurant, will be waiting to greet you and tell you about the geothermal area and how the bread is baked, followed by tasting of freshly baked hot spring bread. A local rye bread that is buried in the geothermal ground for 24 hours. Served with Icelandic butter, boiled eggs (also boiled in the geothermal area) and herring.  Best served with a small glass of Geysir  Schnapps, served at freezing point.

Every day, our chef go to the geothermal spring area, dig a hole, and put the bread in the ground. About a day later they dig up the box, and pry off the lid. Inside is a perfectly rectangular loaf of rye bread, gently steamed by the heat of the spring.

This is a very old tradition at Geysir that have been done for ages, in the old days people use to cook all their food at the hot spring area. Icelandic dish at is best.

Please note that Geysir taste is only available for groups, booking at