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Geysir spa

With its famously geothermal landscapes, Spa & Geysir are a fabulous fit. 

We are building, a world-class wellness facility segmented by multiple relaxation zones and access to a calm, remedial power of geothermal water to improve your health.
In previous days, people used to visit hot or cold springs to treat different types of ailments.

Geysir spa is all about healthcare and relaxation; it involves enhance health and wellbeing of an individual. We are located in natural area, rich in minerals and natural hot springs with remedial powers. 
So what are the health benefits associated with geothermal waters: Skin treatment – here the mineral content particularly of silica and magnesium are said to have a good impact on dry skin, but also on treating psoriasis and eczema.
Stay tuned for updates about our newest addition to Geysir family, Geysir Spa which is under construction.